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Numbershark is a computer program designed to help improve the understanding and use of numbers by using a wide variety of carefully designed games. There are over 600 topics to choose from including the number operations + - x ÷ plus fractions, decimals and simple percentages; a section of graded word problems is also included. Recommended games are given for each topic and provide options that provide many ways to practise the same work and to promote both the understanding and the memorising of number facts. Numbershark is mostly used by students aged between 6 and 14. Some of the games are more suitable for younger children but many games are appropriate for any age. The games are also excellent for use on an interactive whiteboard and children enjoy playing the games on the big screen (an on-screen keypad is provided with the program). Compatible with Windows 7 or 8, Apple Macs need OS X version 10.7 to 10.9.
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