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Author: Joseph Glutting, Wayne Adams and David Sheslow SYNOPSIS Provides a general measure of intelligence AGE RANGE 5 years to 85 years ADMINISTRATION TIME Individual 20 to 30 minutes The Wide Range Intelligence Test (WRIT), is a highly reliable battery of cognitive abilities, assessing both verbal and nonverbal abilities by means of Verbal and Visual scales. The test provides colourful, attractive and engaging subtests that encourage participation regardless of age. The WRIT yields a Verbal (Crystallized) IQ and a Visual (Fluid) IQ, which generate a General IQ when combined. The Vocabulary and Verbal Analogies subtests form the Verbal scale, and the Matrices and Diamonds subtests form the Visual scale. Features of the WRIT Is an efficient measure; administration times average less than 30 minutes. Covers an extended age range; only one set of materials is needed to assess preschool children as young as age 4 years to adults age 85 years. Provides colorful, attractive, and engaging subtests that encourage participation from the individual being evaluated, regardless of age. Helps to document the ability levels of individuals and provides an estimate of cognitive ability for psychiatric or vocational rehabilitation evaluations. Helps to identify learning disabilities, mental retardation, giftedness, neuropsychological impairments, and other exceptionalities. Learn how to administer the WRIT quickly because the format is generally familiar to experienced psychologists. The conceptual roots of the WRIT are related to a hierarchical model of ability familiar to psychologists trained in individual testing. Has strong psychometric integrity. Complete kit includes: manual, forms, flipbook, diamonds (for sub-test requiring an individual to construct specific designs) and a canvass carry-all bag.

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