YARC Secondary Complete Kit

Required qualifications

QTS/QTLS or equivalent
or Specialist Teacher/Tutor
or HCPC Registered Practising, Chartered, Clinical, Forensic or Educational Psychologist
or Psychologist, SaLT or OT
or Professional Body Membership e.g. DA Guild MDG
or Working in a school or college
or Loan Scheme
Identify difficulties with word recognition, reading fluency or reading comprehension
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The York Assessment of Reading for Comprehension (YARC) is a one-to-one, diagnostic reading assessment that enables you to assess your pupils’ reading and comprehension skills from an early age through to the end of secondary school. The diagnostic test is split into primary and secondary editions. This is the secondary version. 


  • An suitable assessment for measuring the effectiveness of a specific intervention programme, both before and after it's implementation.
  • Obtain in-depth, diagnostic assessment of a pupil’s reading and comprehension skills
  •  Identify specific problems and inform appropriate interventions
  • Assess EAL pupils and those requiring extra time in examinations
  • Inform educational planning and benchmarking against the national average
  • Access to a free online Score Conversion Tool. 


Complete kit includes:

  • Passage Reading Test Material
  • Passage Reading Manual
  • Passage Reading Record Forms (10).


The assessment includes:

  • Suite of fiction and non-fiction passages for 11-16 year olds. 
  • Silent reading assessment providing Standard Age Scores, age equivalent scores and percentile ranks for comprehension, rate and fluency.
  • Unique summarisation task geared at students progressing to public examinations
  • A version of the Single Word Reading Test is also included as a benchmarking test.


Developed by a team of reading experts from the Centre for Reading and Language at the University of York, the tests gathers a wide range of information on the individual's reading skills.

The York Assessment of Reading for Comprehension Passage Reading Secondary comprises a series of prose passages – both fiction and non-fiction – that enables the assessment of a student’s reading comprehension and fluency in a systematic way across the secondary school years.

An good tool in any post-levels assessment regime and for schools as evidence of the impact of their Pupil Premium spend, YARC can be used to assess and monitor pupil progress. By providing an in-depth analysis of a pupil’s reading ability, the assessment can identify specific problems and inform appropriate interventions. It provides Standard Age Scores, age equivalent scores and percentile ranks for comprehension, rate and fluency.

Age Range: 11 years to 16 years

Administration Time: Individual - used after a group test

Testing time: 20-30 minutes

Published Date: 2009

Publisher: GL Assessment

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