BRIEF2 - Product Range, Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function, Second Edition

Required qualifications

BA (Hons) / B.Ed Hons or Bsc subject and Assessment Qualification at Level 7 e.g. CPT3A
or Postgraduate Certificate in Education Only and QTS/QTLS or equivalent
or Assessment Qualification at Level 7 e.g. CPT3A and Professional Body Membership e.g. DA Guild MDG
or Dyslexia Action PGCert /PGDip

Assesses executive function and self-regulation in children and teens

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BRIEF2 - Parent/Teacher Hand-Scored Kit, Second Edition
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BRIEF2 Parent Forms (pkg/25)
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BRIEF2 Teacher Forms (pkg/25)
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BRIEF2 Parent Scoring Summary/Profile Forms (pad/25)
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BRIEF2 Teacher Scoring Summary/Profile Forms (pad/25)
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BRIEF2 Self-Report Scoring Summary/Profile Forms (pad/25)
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BRIEF2 - Product Range, Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function, Second Edition

An assessment test kit, designed to examine executive function in respondents aged 5 to 18 years.

What's New

There are several new features in the BRIEF2:

  • Parent & Teacher Forms contained within the same manual

  • Easily examine different perspectives from multiple raters, using rater discrepancy base rates 

  • Simpler administration for the parent, teacher and adolescent respondent due to more condensed scales

  • An Infrequency Scale has been added, to assist in identifying unusual responding

  • New 12-item Parent, Teacher and Self-Report (ages 11-18 years) screening forms swiftly indicate whether further executive function assessment is required

  • Improved empirical structure



Benefits of the BRIEF2:


  • Includes increased sensitivity to executive function issues in key clinical groups such as ADHD and ASD

  • An improved level of item content across the three forms

  • Three indexes consistent with Behaviour Regulation, Emotion Regulation and Cognitive Regulation theories


What's Included

BRIEF2 Parent/Teacher/Self-Report Hand-Scored Kit, Second Edition includes:

  • BRIEF2 Professional Manual with Fast Guide

  • Parent Forms (25)

  • Teacher Forms (25)

  • Parent Scoring Summary/Profile Forms (25)

  • Teacher Scoring Summary/Profile Forms (25)




  • Behaviour Regulation: Inhibit, Self-Monitor
  • Emotion Regulation: Shift, Emotional Control
  • Cognitive Regulation: Initiate (Parent/Teacher only), Task Completion (Self-Report only), Working Memory, Plan/Organise, Task-Monitor (Parent/Teacher only), Organisation of Materials (Parent/Teacher only)

Supplementary Products

  • BRIEF2 Parent Forms (pkg/25)

  • BRIEF2 Teacher Forms (pkg/25)


The BRIEF2 measures executive function both at home and at school. The second edition requires 10 minutes to administer, evaluating impairment of executive function in children and adolescents with developmental and acquired neurological conditions. These may include learning disabilities, ADHD, traumatic brain injury, low birth weight, Tourette’s Disorder and autism.
Author (if book/intervention): Gerard A. Gioia, PhD, Peter K. Isquith, PhD

Age range: 5 to 18 Years

Testing/game time: 10 minutes

Administration (number of players etc: Individually administered rating scale completed by parent, teacher, or self-report

Published date (if book/written intervention): 2015

Publisher/Supplier: PAR
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