Dyslexia Action Training

Dyslexia Action is a leading provider of accredited SpLD training. We have successfully delivered more than 15,000 courses to education professionals since 2010 and many more since we were first established in 1972.

Our innovative online courses strengthen the expertise and confidence of education professionals who support students with literacy difficulties, dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties (SpLDs).

Dyslexia Action students receive a 10% discount from the Dyslexia Action Shop.


Become a Specialist Teacher/Practitioner

You can opt to study either the Level 5 Diploma or the Level 7 Certificate

The following programme is only open to those who already hold DACRT51, 56 or 67 or an eligible Level 5 or 7 SpLD qualification (under 5 years old) through Accreditation of Prior Learning:


Become a Specialist Teacher/Practitioner/Assessor

Assessment is a highly regulated area. You should already be a qualified Specialist SpLD teacher/practitioner BEFORE you can carry out training to become a Specialist assessor. 

If you have gained a Level 5 or Level 7 SpLD Teaching qualification within the last 5 years and want to study to become a full assessor, please visit this dedicated page here.


CPD programme

Our CPD programme provides a flexible route to gaining specialist knowledge and practical skills. Units can be studied individually, grouped as an Award (3 units) or as a certificate (6 units).



Level 4


Level 5



Level 4

Level 5




Specialist courses for qualified professionals

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