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The 'Handwriting File' is a unique handwriting information book and practice file. Choose your handwriting style from the electronic file provided. Written using 'Handwriting for Windows' and available in two versions: either starting on the line or starting at the top of each letter.  

Flexible enough to suit all ages from 6+

Computer generated handwriting script with correct joins for accuracy and consistency
A straightforward practice book - clear and  non-patronising to older students
Section 1 - Information and analysis (pen hold, posture, paper position, letter shape etc)
Section 2 - Photocopiable practice pages - individual letters, letter strings and whole words in  large and medium sizes
Section 3 - Continuous text practice - three sizes - large, medium and small  writing
Section 4 - Timed Writing practice
Section 5 - Spare Handwriting Sheets in three different sizes with special grey shaded
Guidelines for half-way letters

This CD-ROM contains electronic versions of The Handwriting File, both with and without entry strokes, The Handwriting Alphabet File, again with and without entry strokes, and small alphabet cards.

As working teachers though, we are all too familiar with shortcomings of photocopiable resources. Copy quality can be poor. The copier may be unavailable - busy, broken or too far away, or perhaps you are working at home and simply don’t have one! Pages can go missing - whole books can go missing! Wrestling with a book on a copier is not good for the book, the copier, or one’s patience. The answer is to put the books onto CD-ROM. Using the industry standard Adobe Acrobat® Reader, you can view documents with ease. You can print pages in black and white and colour, and furthermore, every copy is an original, so the quality never deteriorates! You can copy the books to as many computers as you wish, and so it should be impossible to lose it, and it is always in a convenient location - on your PC next to your printer! 

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