Mindfulness for Study

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This innovative book teaching the principles of mindfulness in a study context. Aimed primarily at students but may also be useful in the personal development of support staff.

Mindfulness for Study includes:

  • a detailed introduction to mindfulness
  • study techniques and the development of multi-sensory learning skills
  • specialist chapters on ‘reading for successful study’, ‘effective writing for academic purposes’ and ‘revision and exam strategies’
  • structured mindfulness practices
  • a dedicated web-site including guided mindfulness practices and downloadable documents. 

Specialist opinion

'In this timely book the authors, both experienced practitioners and tutors in mindfulness, provide useful techniques, ideas and practices which users will find relevant in work and relationships as they seek ways of maintaining good physical, emotional and mental health. It provides a one-stop compendium of ideas and practical skills of mindfulness, which students, teachers, practitioners and those with a general interest in positive psychology, mental health or mental health and education will find invaluable.’

Yonah Matemba, PhD, Director: Mental Health and Education programme, University of the West of Scotland, UK

'The writers' clear, authoritative voices and many years of experience supporting students with specific learning differences in higher education adds an extra dimension in respect of the practical use of mindfulness techniques. The simplicity of the presentation belies the complexity of the content. It's a powerful combination and one which I heartily recommend to both students and their tutors.’

Barbara Kelly, SpLD Specialist Tutor, Regional Officer, ADSHE (Association of Dyslexia Specialists in Higher Education) UK.

About the Author

Karisa Krčmár and Tina Horsman work at Loughborough University in the UK as specialist tutors. As part of their work and research with students they developed a programme of mindfulness workshops. After successfully running these workshops for 3 years, they have turned their work into a book to help all students study successfully.

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