PIRA (Progress in Reading and Language Assessment) Forms

Required qualifications

Working in a school or college

Reliably assess reading attainment and progress with termly standardised reading tests

As low as £21.00 £17.50

Progress in Reading Assessment (PiRA) termly tests produce standardised results and age related scores to enable schools to track pupil progress term by term, predict future performance and benchmark against national averages.
Provides a diagnostic profile for each pupil, including a standardised score
Helps monitor small increments of progress
Supports the identification of strengths and weaknesses
FREE online marksheets and reports to easily report outcomes by pupil, group or class
Simple and quick to administer and mark

What's included in PiRA? 
Pupil Test Booklets 
Write-in booklets for children to complete the tests 
Feature a range of different text types - stories, poems and non-fiction 
Include questions covering inference, comprehension and language, structure and presentation 
Available in termly 10-copy packs

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