Progress in Understanding Mathematics Assessment

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Progress in Understanding Mathematics Assessment (PUMA) is a suite of standardised, paper-based termly tests that will help schools to accurately measure and predict student progress in maths and compare their performance against national averages.

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Progress in Understanding Mathematics (PUMA) is a standardised, curriculum-linked suite of tests designed for whole-class use and for pupils of all abilities. Uniquely, the series offers three tests for each primary school year, to monitor pupils' progress term by term, and provides reliable, predictive and diagnostic information. Or you can pick the test(s) you want, to give you maximum flexibility to assess just at the beginning, middle or end of each year, if you prefer.

simple and quick to administer and mark - taking less than an hour to assess a whole class
- standardised scores, curriculum levels and maths ages, plus a diagnostic profile across the separate strands of mathematics, will give you a wealth of information and make you more effective in managing learning in your classroom
- a decimalised PUMA scale score, based on the termly performance data of over 10,000 pupils nationally, lets you monitor small increments of progress and gives a reliable basis for predicting pupil progress and setting realistic targets
- a separate test is available for autumn, spring and summer terms for Years 1-6
- attractively presented, to engage the children (the KS1 tests are printed in full colour)

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