YARC Primary COMPLETE SET (reading comprehension)

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QTS/QTLS or equivalent
or Specialist Teacher/Tutor
or HCPC Registered Practising, Chartered, Clinical, Forensic or Educational Psychologist
or Psychologist, SaLT or OT
or Professional Body Membership e.g. DA Guild MDG
or Working in a school or college
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The York Assessment of Reading for Comprehension: Early and passage Reading Primary (YARC Primary) enables teachers, SENCO’s and learning support teachers to assess their pupils’ reading skills from an early age through to the end of primary. It focuses on decoding, sight reading, and reading comprehension. 

The test is split in to two tests: early reading and passage reading, each test can be purchased individually or as part of the complete set.

Early Reading The Early Reading suite comprises of four short tests which have been designed specifically for 4 to 7 year olds or older children with reading difficulties. The tests included:

  • Letter Sound Knowledge
  • Early Word Recognition
  • Sound Deletion
  • Sound Isolation

The tests assess a child’s phonological skills, alphabetic knowledge and word reading in a time-efficient and flexible way

Passage Reading Comprises of fiction and non-fiction texts, the passage reading test has been developed to assess the accuracy, rate and comprehension of oral reading skills in children between 5 – 11 years 11 month.

Early Reading Set includes: early reading test materials, early years manual and 10 record forms

Passage Reading Set includes: passage reading test materials, passage reading manual and 10 record forms


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