DGRBSL1Y - Reading Bundle, Dyslexia Gold

Dyslexia Gold Reading Bundle goes Beyond Phonics to improve the auditory and vision skills needed to read.
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Dyslexia Gold Reading Bundle

Dyslexia Gold goes Beyond Phonics to improve the auditory and vision skills needed to read and spell. 

These multi-sensory, structured programs address Erratic Eye Movements and the Phonological Deficit to improve reading by 12 months and spelling by 10.5 months in just one term.

What's New

Dyslexia Gold’s programs are:

  • Evidence Based - pupils make an average of 12 months READING progress in a term.

  • Unique - Goes Beyond Phonics to teach the skills needed for reading.

  • Suitable for ALL - including the very weakest students.

  • Clear - our dashboard instantly shows progress across all pupils

  • SEN Focused - Our programs are all age neutral and calm, with no distractions

  • Available Anywhere – play at home or at school

  • Inclusive - our Whole School Licence covers all pupils on role

  • Simple to use and administer.


Dyslexia Gold is unique because it goes Beyond Phonics.

  • Pupils make accelerated progress in a term; reading by 12 months

  • Improves Phonological Awareness and reduces Erratic Eye Movements

  • Suitable for all, including the very weakest readers

  • Group intervention, Pupils play independently

  • Teacher’s Dashboard includes clear progress report.

What's Included

Dyslexia Gold Reading Bundle Contains 2 programs:

 Fluency Builder improves phonological awareness

 Engaging Eyes improves eye control


The reading programs from the Dyslexia Gold Full Bundle:  Fluency Builder, Engaging Eyes improves reading by 12 months in a term.

  • Fluency Builder improves phonological awareness by teaching children to hear the sounds in words, such as g-oa-t. 
  • Engaging Eyes improves eye control so both eyes focus on the same letter and track across the page.

Age range: 6+

Testing/game time: 10 minutes a day

Administration: Individual or Group

Supplier: Dyslexia Gold

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