Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS) IV

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HCPC Registered Practising, Chartered, Clinical, Forensic or Educational Psychologist
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Publication Year: 2010 Accessed by: Practitioner Psychologist and also has the protected titles of Clinical Psychologist, Forensic Psychologist, Counselling Psychologist or Educational Psychologist. Age Range: 16 years to 90 years In recognition of emerging demographic and clinical trends, the WAIS-IVUK was developed to provide you with the most advanced measure of cognitive ability and results you can trust when addressing the changing clinical landscape. Responding to influencing factors: Changing Demographics Updated normative data for ages 16-90 years Enhanced utility for older adults Emerging Clinical Needs Additional tasks for improved clinical utility New clinical and validity studies New Research in the Field New subtests and items Improved measures of Working Memory, Processing Speed, and Fluid Reasoning Increase Caseload Reduced administration time to obtain composite scores Improved scoring rules Enhanced scoring software to assist in generating customizable reports Scoring and Reporting Transitioned from dual IQ to Index Score structure to be consistent with the WPPSI-IIIUK and WISC-IVUK Yields FSIQ and 4 Index Scores with fewer subtests (VCI, PRI, WMI, & PSI) Includes General Ability Index (GAI) Renamed Perceptual Organisation Index (POI) as the Perceptual Reasoning Index PRI) Redesigned and enhanced scoring and reporting software to improve ease of use and functionality.

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