DGSBSL1Y - Spelling Bundle, Dyslexia Gold

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Dyslexia Gold Spelling Bundle

Dyslexia Gold goes Beyond Phonics to improve spelling.

These multi-sensory, structured programs improve spelling by 10.5 months in just one term.

What's New

Dyslexia Gold’s programs are:

  • Evidence Based - pupils make an average of 10.5 months SPELLING progress in a term.

  • Unique - Goes Beyond Phonics to teach the skills needed for spelling.

  • Suitable for ALL - including the very weakest students.

  • Personalised - Our spaced repetition algorithm works on only the spellings each pupil struggles with.

  • Clear - our dashboard instantly shows progress across all pupils

  • SEN Focused - Our programs are all age neutral and calm, with no distractions

  • Stress free, non-competitive programs enable ALL pupils to learn their times tables and spellings

  • Available Anywhere – play at home or at school

  • Inclusive - our Whole School Licence covers all pupils on role

  • Simple to use and administer.


Dyslexia Gold is unique because it goes Beyond Phonics.

  • Pupils make accelerated progress in a term; spelling by 10.5 months

  • Suitable for all, including the very weakest spellers

  • Group intervention, Pupils play independently

  • Teacher’s Dashboard includes clear progress reports

  • Includes all the words in Spelling National Curriculum 2014 (England)

  • Pupils WRITE from dictation to help reinforce spellings

  • Times tables program teaches to 12 x 12 is SEN friendly

  • Mock Government style times table tests.

What's Included

Dyslexia Gold Spelling Bundle Contains 2 programs:

 Spelling Tutor teaches all the words in Spelling National Curriculum

 Times Table Tutor teaches to 12 x 12 in an SEN friendly way


The Spelling Tutor and Times Table Tutor from Dyslexia Gold Spelling Bundle.

  • Spelling Tutor teaches all the words in the Spelling National Curriculum 2014 (England).
  • Structured, personalised and multi-sensory, it uses spaced repetition to support learning.  Spelling improves by 10.5 months in a term.
  • Times Table Tutor is designed for pupils with SEN and teaches the tables to 12 x 12.  It includes mock Government style tests and is a stress free learning environment.

Age range: 6+

Testing/game time: 10 minutes a day

Administration: Individual or Group

Supplier: Dyslexia Gold

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