DRAS3- Diagnostic Reading Analysis, Product Range

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DRAS3 - Product Range, Diagnostic Reading Analysis, Third Edition

In partnership with the Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre, the  Diagnostic Reading Analysis, Third Edition (DRAS3) helps to provide reading ages and measures for access arrangements for less-able readers, by testing listening and reading comprehension and a single word reading test. The test provides reading ages and measures of reading accuracy, reading speed, reading comprehension and average answer time, and single word reading accuracy.

Please be advised that orders of Diagnostic Reading Analysis are restricted to schools/institutions only, we are unable to fulfil orders with a private address.

What’s New

The DRAS3 manual includes:

  • Instructions on how to use and administer the test

  • A Diagnostic Checklist to aid the identification of patterns in reading performance. This checklist is photocopiable

  • Information on how to access and interpret test scores

  • Error analysis guidance

  • Tips on how to use DRA3 diagnostically

  • Technical information on DRA’s standardisation


Benefits of DRAS3 include:

  • Two parallel forms are provided, which allow the test to be reliably re-administered

  • To save administration time in calculating pupils’ results, a free downloadable score calculator is available

Supplementary Products

  • Diagnostic Reading Analysis Pupil Record Sheet A (10 sheets)

  • Diagnostic Reading Analysis Pupil Record Sheet B (10 sheets)

  • Diagnostic Reading Analysis Reading Booklet


Developed in partnership with the Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre, the DRAS3 is an oral, one-to-one standardised reading test designed to assess listening and reading comprehension in pupils aged 7-16 years.

This fully re-standardised edition measures reading accuracy, reading speed, reading comprehension, comprehension processing speed and single word reading accuracy, in 20 minutes.

Pupils read aloud and answer questions based on three comprehension passages, pitched at just below, at and just above their reading level, to help identify their starting point.

Author: Mary Crumpler, Colin McCarty

Age range: 7-16 years

Testing time: 20 minutes

Administration: Paper-based

Standardisation: UK

Published date: 2019

Publisher: RS Assessment from Hodder Education

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