DGFBPL1Y - Parent's Full Bundle, Dyslexia Gold

Dyslexia Gold’s unique programs go Beyond Phonics to help address underlying vision and auditory challenges such as convergence and phonological deficit.

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Dyslexia Gold - Parent's Full Bundle

Dyslexia Gold’s unique reading and spelling programs go Beyond Phonics to help address underlying vision and auditory challenges such as convergence and phonological deficit in children from the comfort of your own home.

What's New

Dyslexia Gold’s programs will help your child improve their:

  • Reading and spelling  - making an average of 12 months READING and 10.5 months SPELLING progress in a term.

  • Phonological Awareness and reduce Erratic Eye Movements

  • Times Tables


Dyslexia Gold is a unique reading and spelling program providing many benefits and are:

  • Unique - Goes Beyond Phonics to teach the skills needed for reading and spelling.

  • Suitable for ALL - including the very weakest students.

  • Personalised - Our spaced repetition algorithm works on only the spellings you child struggles with.

  • Clear - our dashboard instantly shows the progress of your child/children 

  • SEN Focused - Our programs are all age neutral and calm, with no distractions

  • Stress free, non-competitive programs 

  • enable ALL pupils to learn their times tables and spellings

  • Available Anywhere – play at home or at school

  • Simple to use and administer.

What's Included

Dyslexia Gold Full Bundle Contains 4 programs:

 Fluency Builder improves phonological awareness

 Engaging Eyes improves eye control

 Spelling Tutor teaches all the words in Spelling National Curriculum

 Times Table Tutor teaches to 12 x 12 in an SEN friendly way


Dyslexia Gold’s full bundle for parents comes with everything you need to help you support your child’s improvement with reading, spelling and times tables at home. The program includes:

All games have been designed to be fun and easy to access by those with special needs including those with dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties. More importantly, it provides you, the parent with information to help you understand your child’s needs helping you liaise with school in an informed way. The Dyslexia Gold Full Bundle for Parents includes:

Fluency Builder

Research has found that children who started school with poor phonological awareness, stay behind in reading throughout their education. Struggling readers with poor phonological awareness just hear one sound. Fluency Builder improves phonological awareness by teaching children to hear the sounds in words, such as g-oa-t. This is fundamental for children to learn so they can access phonics which is the focus for schools following a UK curriculum.

Engaging Eyes

Almost all struggling readers have difficulty with focusing both eyes on the same point on the text they are reading. This means that their brain has to work extra hard. This is easily fixed with regular exercise that strengthens eye moment and can be played at home.The Engaging Eyes program has been designed as a daily short game that can be played in just 10 minutes and alongside the other games in the full bundle.

Spelling Tutor

This structured, personalised and multi-sensory program uses spaced repetition to support learning. Your child will learn 1000 most common words, combining spelling with handwriting, focusing on their ability and words that your child is still learning.  Pupils write from dictation to help reinforce spellings. On average, spelling improves by 10.5 months in a term.

Times Tables Tutor

Times Table Tutor is a structured, personalised and multi-sensory program designed for pupils with SEN and teaches the tables to 12 x 12.  Based on Singapore Maths or Maths Mastery it includes mock Government style tests in the same format as the new year 4 check. Its a stress free learning environment that can be easily accessed from home.

Age range: 6+

Testing/game time: 10 minutes a day, per game

Administration: Individual

Supplier: Dyslexia Gold

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