Dyslexia Portfolio Product Range (DPORT)

Required qualifications

Working in a school or college
or QTS/QTLS or equivalent
or Professional Body Membership e.g. DA Guild MDG
or HCPC Registered Practising, Chartered, Clinical, Forensic or Educational Psychologist
or Psychologist, SaLT or OT
or Specialist Teacher/Tutor
Identifies dyslexic tendencies and recommends intervention strategies.
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Dyslexia Portfolio

The Dyslexia Portfolio is a more detailed assessment to support those that have already been screened as having dyslexic tendencies or whose literacy attainment is giving cause for concern.


  • An individualised online report is automatically produced giving standardised statistical, graphical and narrative strengths and weaknesses data that can be used for next steps and intervention planning. 
  • An additional report can be generated for parents.

What's Included?

Complete kit includes: 

  • Includes manual
  • All stimulus material
  • Pupil booklets/record forms (5 PK)
Supplementary materials 

The additional materials are available for your supplementary purchase:
  • Dyslexia Portfolio Record Forms/Pupil Booklets (5 pk).


The following subtests are included:

  • Single Word Reading: A version of GL Assessment's Single Word Reading Test.
  • Single Word Spelling: Adapted from SingleWord Spelling Test with words on a common scale for selection by the teacher at each student's level.
  • Reading Fluency: A silent reading exercise where the student is asked to answer 'yes' or 'no' to a series of statements (a timed test).
  • Phoneme Deletion: Students are required to analyse how a word will sound without the initial, middle or final phoneme and say it aloud.
  • Non-word Reading: A test that assesses the decoding of letter strings. Students read nonsense words from print.
  • Rapid Picture Naming: Students are presented with a series of pictures of everyday objects and asked to name them (a timed test).
  • Rate of Writing: Students are asked to copy from printed text and complete a free writing task from a given prompt (a timed test).
  • Digit Recall Forwards: Students are required to repeat a string of digits that are given by the teacher.
  • Digit Recall Backwards: Students are required to repeat backwards a string of digits that are given by the teacher.

Standardisation: UK

Age range: 5 -16+ Years

Testing time: 40-60 minutes

Authors: Martin Turner

Published Date: 2008

Publisher: GL Assessment

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