PHAB2 - Phonological Assessment Battery, Second Edition, Product Range

Required qualifications

Working in a school or college
or Psychologist, SaLT or OT
or HCPC Registered Practising, Chartered, Clinical, Forensic or Educational Psychologist
or Specialist Teacher/Tutor
or QTS/QTLS or equivalent and Assessment Qualification at Level 7 e.g. CPT3A
or QTS/QTLS or equivalent and Professional Body Membership e.g. DA Guild MDG
or QTS/QTLS or equivalent and PGCert /PGDip/MA/MEd/MSc in SEN (including psychological assessment) SpLD APC or equivalent
Helping to identify pupils with phonological difficulties
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Phonological Assessment Battery, Second Edition (PHAB2)

A comprehensive battery of tests that help assess phonological awareness in children aged 5 -11 years. A useful toolkit for SENCOs, specialist teachers and educational psychologists, it helps identify the phonological difficulties some children encounter in learning to read. In turn, it allows appropriate intervention to be provided to help improve underlying literacy skills.

What's New?

PhAB2 Primary includes four new subtests:

  • Blending - combining sounds to make a spoken word
  • Phonological Working Memory - a child's ability to use their short term memory for phonological segments
  • Phoneme Segmentation - separating spoken words into their constituent phonemes
  • Phoneme Deletion - the ability to anticipate how a word would sound if one phoneme is deleted


  • Accurately identify areas of difficulty with phonological awareness
  • Assess in detail and plan appropriate interventions
  • New design and illustrations make it even more appealing to children
  • Newly standardised to reflect the most up-to-date phonological abilities of children in the UK
  • Ideal follow-up assessment for pupils with low scores in any phonics screening or literacy test.

Complete set contains:

  • User’s Guide Picture Book
  • 10 x Record Forms
Supplementary Products
  • Primary Record Forms (PK 10)

Past Subtests Updated

PhAB2 Primary has made revisions to the six subtests contained in the previous version:

  • The Alliteration Test – assesses a child’s ability to isolate the initial sounds in single syllable words.
  • The Naming Speed Tests – assesses a child’s speed of phonological production. These tests include the Picture Naming Test and the Digit Naming Test.
  • The Rhyme Test – assesses a child’s ability to identify the rhyme in single syllable words.
  • The Spoonerisms Test – assesses whether a child can segment single syllable words and then synthesize the segments to provide new words or word combinations.
  • The Fluency Tests – assesses a child’s retrieval of phonological information from long-term memory.
  • The Non-Word Reading Test – assesses a child’s ability to decode letter strings.


Phonological awareness plays a significant role in children’s development of reading and spelling skills. This battery can help identify the specific phonological difficulties that some children experience so that appropriate intervention may be provided with processing sounds in spoken language and help in improving literacy skills.

This latest edition has been newly standardised, and in addition to the original subtests, PhAB2 Primary also includes four new subtests that reflect the latest research in phonological awareness.

PhAB2 Primary includes targeted testing ranges for 5-6 and 7-11 year olds, providing more sensitive tests and a greater understanding of a child’s phonological strengths and weaknesses. 

If you are looking for an assessment for 11-14 year olds, take a look at the Phonological Assessment Battery (PhAB).

Age range: 5-11

Testing time: 20-30 mins

Administration: Individual

Standardisation: UK

Published date: 2014

Publisher GL Assessment

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