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Raven's - Educational CPM/CVS complete kit
£391.28 £356.00
Raven's CPM record forms, pack of 25
£44.40 £37.00
Raven's CVS record forms, pack of 25
£44.40 £37.00
Raven's- MHV (Form 1) record forms
£50.40 £42.00
Raven's - Educational SPM+/MHV complete kit
£388.15 £356.00
Raven's- MHV (Form 2) record forms
£50.40 £42.00
Raven's -SPM+ record forms
£50.40 £42.00

Raven's Educational Progressive Matrices 

Raven's Educational Progressive Matrices and Vocabulary Scales assesses general cognitive abilities in children; focusing on non-verbal ability, an important feature for our ethnically diverse population, and the Vocabulary Scales provide scores in the verbal domain.

Two kits are available:

  • Raven's - Educational Coloured Progressive Matrices (CPM)/Crichton Vocabulary Scale (CVS) complete kit
    Individually administered test for children aged 4 to 11 years.
  • Raven's - Educational Standard Progressive Matrices - Plus (SPM+)/Mill Hill Vocabulary Scale (MHV) complete kit
    Individually and Group administered test for children and adolescents aged 7 to 18 years.


  • Assess non-verbal and verbal aspect of general ability for children in the UK.
  • Offers quick and valid results on cognitive function.

Depending on the chosen kit, your bag will includes:

  • CPM/CVS or SPM+/MHV manual 
  • CPM or SPM+ stimulus booklet
  • 25 CPM or SPM+ record forms
  • 25 CVS or MHV record forms
  • CVS or MHV word card
  • CPM or SPM+ scoring acetate.

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Author(s): John C Raven et al

Publication Year: 2008

Standardisation: UK (norm referenced on: CPM 640/SPM 940 Children)

Age Range: CPM / CVS: 4 to 11 years, SPM+ / MHV: 7 to 18 years

Administration:  Individual or Group

Testing Time: 45 mins

*VAT is charged individually on items in this kit at 0% and 20% as some items are zero rated, therefore total VAT may not show a standard 20%

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