SKSRFC-Spelling Rules Flash Cards

A 233 card set to aid learning spelling rules and word suffixes for Key Stage 1.

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Spelling Flashcards

Practice spelling rules using spelling flashcards, and learn how adding suffixes alters meaning and spelling of the base word through interactive play.


Learn and embed spelling rules through interactive play.

Benefits include:

  • Colour-coded cards to easily highlight parts of speech
  • An interactive activity to help learn and practice spelling rules
  • All cards indexed by number

What's Included

  • 233 Word Flashcards and Activity Idea Cards


An interactive game using colourful spelling flashcards to learn and practice spelling rules for Key Stage 1, as per the 2014 English Curriculum Spelling Appendix. The spelling flashcards are filed by suffix and are double-sided, displaying the base word on one side and the completed word overleaf. The colour-coded spelling flashcards indicate parts of speech, to allow pupils to comprehend how adding suffixes changes a word’s usage or meaning as well as spelling when used in a sentence. 

Author (if book/intervention): 

Age range:  6-7 & 7+

Testing/game time: As required

Administration (number of players etc: 1 or more

Published date (if book/written intervention): 2014

Publisher/Supplier: Smart Kids

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