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This multi-sensory system for teaching early numeracy skills and supporting dyscalculic children is a welcome addition to any classroom. The system also contains resources for teaching time, money, shape and measurement, plus alternative and successful methods to teach times tables and all number concepts up to 100.

The Number Box is a multi sensory teaching programme and maths resource. It was designed for those children who struggle with maths for one of several reasons.

  • Dyslexic children find sequential skills, organisation and spatial operations in maths more challenging, and require resources and patient teaching.
  • Children who have receptive and expressive language difficulties may take longer to understand and use the complex maths vocabulary.
  • Dyscalculic children have great difficulty understanding the concept of number at all and may stay working with the resources and programme of The Number Box through the Infant school and on into Junior school.

Contents:1 Fully illustrated 26 page Instruction Guide, 1 x 16 page Additional Activities Booklet, 1 Box containing magnetic numbers 0-10, 1 Box containing 50 counting cubes, 1 Box containing 50 coins, 1 Box containing 8 Solid Geometrical Shapes, 1 Clock Face, 1 "Magic" Tape Measure and Instructions, 1 Number Base Board, 1 Geometrical Shapes Base Board, 1 Hundred Squares Board, 1 Set Number Cards 0-10, 1 Set Number Cards 0-20, 1 Set Symbols Cards × – + = ÷., 1 Set Geometrical Shapes Cards, 1 Numbers Formation Strip, 10 Tables Lines 1-10, 1 Counting Sleeve, 4 Dice, 1 Penny Board for tens and units, 20 Record of Achievement Covers, 40 Record of Work Sheets, 20 Treasury Tags, 1 Wipe-clean Whiteboard & dry wipe pen

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